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We are trusted experts in Data Visualisation and Integration.
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We rapidly iterate the delivery of our solutions, so you see value and can provide feedback early.

Robust Design

Our design methods scale from quick Excel-based solutions to multi-terabyte data warehouses.

Mentoring and Support

We are committed to your project's success, and offer Mentoring and/or Support services.


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Software we Recommend

The Microsoft BI stack offers a powerful toolkit that is continually improving, with Excel at it's heart.

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What We do

End-to-end Data Visualisation and Data Integration services.

Data Integration

We start tackling new data challenges with the outstanding Power Query for Excel. We can also scale up to SQL Server and Integration Services

Power Query can quickly integrate and transform data from files/spreadsheets, databases, websites, the cloud and more. This is our "go to" tool to quickly geta a handle on your data, with minimal investment. You can also take advantage of Power Query to automate existing manual Excel processes. Power Query is included in Excel 2016, and available as a free Add-In back to Excel 2010.

When it makes sense, we scale solutions up to SQL Server Integration Services. Sometimes that is as simple as wrapping a layer of server automation around Power Query. Or it can be as complex as maintaining a multi-terabyte data warehouse.

Data Analysis

We design and build the ultimate Data Analysis engines - cubes where you can slice-and-dice your data by multiple dimenions at the speed of thought.

We know how far you can push the Power Pivot / Data Model engine in Excel - it can handle many millions of rows of data and complex business rules. We design and build cubes that make business sense and expose the true meaning of your data for analysis. Power Pivot is included in Excel 2013 (as the "Excel Data Model"), and available as a free Add-In back to Excel 2010.

When your cubes need to be scaled up or deployed more broadly, we are expert in SQL Server Analysis Services - either Tabular or Multi-Dimensional flavours. We go far beyond a crude "data dump" cube and make sure all your business rules and requirements are just a click away. A crucial consideration is the client tool - we love Excel Pivot Tables for ad-hoc analysis and some reporting requirements. They just keep getting better.

Data Visualisation

We are experts in designing the right clean, high-impact visualisations for your data.

Excel is a great tool for visualising data - we build adaptive, automated solutions using Power Query and Power Pivot (Excel Data Model).

When you need pixel-perfect reports and/or automated report distribution and management, we have deep expertise in SQL Server Reporting Services. Our speciality is complex, multi-page reports with rich graphics and clean layouts that are parameterised and can be rendered to Word, Excel or PDF in seconds.

Support and Mentoring

Manga Solutions has been delivering successful Reporting & Analysis solutions in Melbourne for over a decade.

Manga Solutions has established a reputation for reliable solutions which come with mentoring, a complete handover and dependable support. Our Tech Lead, is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) for Microsoft SQL Server, Business Intelligence Development & Maintenance. He formerly attained Cognos Certification across the Cognos 6, 7 & 8 product lines.

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