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Conservation Analytics

Are you passionate about protecting wildlife, promoting biodiversity, and ensuring the conservation of our environment? We aim to empower you to track and meet your agenda by integrating environmental data, transforming it to discover opportunities and tackle challenges, and then visualising it to uncover new perspectives about the effectiveness of your conservation efforts.


In this solution, we leveraged Power BI to demonstrate the extent of damage and type of destructive actions brought about by the fires in the Amazon rainforest.





The world has changed significantly and the issues we face are more complex and challenging than ever. Climate change, deforestation, water or air pollution, and loss of biodiversity are some of the most critical topics concerning organizations and individuals around the world. It is imperative to strengthen conservation efforts through an innovative approach by managing and transforming internal and external intelligence. 



Our goal is to encourage you to make highly informed decisions by helping you monitor your conservation efforts, optimize your resources, and improve your strategies towards a sustainable future. We will support you in risk assessment, trends identification, insight generation, and narrative storytelling through agile data integration and visualisation. We will utilize Power BI,

machine learning, and custom visuals to bring your data to life.


At Manga Solutions, we are passionate about environmental change. For over 25 years, we have been delivering successful and reliable data integration, analytics, visualisation, and consulting solutions. We have long-standing and well-established partnerships especially in the conservation and environmental sector. 


Let’s collaborate to create a positive impact and deliver the best-in-class, value for money dashboards that will enable you to translate your vision into action for future generations. 

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